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Determine the Value of Your Desired Property with a RICS HomeBuyer Report from Experts in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

While allowing you to identify aspects of the property that will require repairing, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) HomeBuyer report also pinpoints potential problems the seller may be concealing. Additionally, it includes advice on maintenance and any repairs that may be needed. At Keith Perry Chartered Surveyor, in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, we carry out accurate HomeBuyer reports as well as detailed home surveys..

Take an Economic Approach with HomeBuyer Reports

Carry out a cost-effective survey with assistance from our agents. As specialists in home surveys, we conduct comprehensive HomeBuyer reports while adhering to the standards set out by RICS. Also known as a building inspection report or structural survey, the HomeBuyer report the surveyor to report in a set format. This reduces the time required to produce the report. As experts in the property sector, we also offer block management.

Carrying Out the Most Suitable Home Surveys

With so many home surveys available, it may be somewhat confusing to know the most suitable type to choose. Recommended for conventional, newer homes in reasonable condition, HomeBuyer reports provide an in-depth summary of the property’s condition. The HomeBuyer report is the most popular type of survey, as it provides information that enables you to make an informed decision about purchasing a property.

Pinpointing Urgent Property Matters

While HomeBuyer reports will not detail every aspect of the building, they do put urgent matters in the spotlight. By highlighting problems that substantially influence the property’s value, the HomeBuyer report will allow you to address issues that need attending to or investigating. The report addresses all major sections of a property visible to the surveyor. This means, as a non-invasive method, HomeBuyer reports do not require the surveyor to lift floors, carpets, and wiring.

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