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When purchasing a property, having a survey carried out will allow you to potentially negotiate the price of your new home. It will also enable you to determine the proper value of your home prior to selling it.

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Managing a block of flats is similar to overseeing a business. It requires specialised skills, insight, and experience, as well as dedication. That’s why you should depend on trusted agents to manage your property.

Property Surveying

HomeBuyer Reports That Prevent Problems

More detailed than a condition report, the RICS HomeBuyer report is crucial to anyone purchasing a property. It will determine the real value of your desired home, pinpoint any problems, and highlight the true cost.

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Many buyers do not realise the importance of investing in a property survey. As a result, they miss out this crucial step. In doing so, the buyer may end up with vast expense and the hassle of undesirable, time-consuming repairs.

Thankfully, the skilled property surveyors at Keith Perry Chartered Surveyor, in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire steer property buyers in the right direction. Our company’s proprietor, Keith Perry, is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors™ (RICS). He offers an unmatchable level of expertise, which is supported by his BSc (Hons) and MRCIS qualifications.

For more than 25 years our property valuing specialists have drawn up detailed valuations and RICS HomeBuyer reports, while also providing proficient block management solutions. The HomeBuyer reports we carry out are widely recognised in our sector, meaning you receive a service that brings both reassurance and results.

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